Vance has received over 500hrs of certifications in Yoga trainings from 305 Yoga (Miami), Light On Lotus (LA), and Laughing Lotus (NYC). He has taught for studios all over the Los Angeles area, for music festivals and events such as Lightning in a Bottle, for companies such as Lulu Lemon, Hulu, Warner Brothers, SonyPlaystation, and more. He finds great joy in exploring movements, mindsets, and mental manifestations (…obviously a fan of alliteration as well).  Joy is key to his teaching style. He presents an impactful, safe practice permeated with intelligent alignment, marked mindfulness, and engaging sequencing. Dharma is imbued in class and is reflected through musical choices and sequencing. Students can expect to hear an eclectic array of musical stylings which support their inward journey.

How Has Yoga influenced your life?

Heavily.  I discovered the practice in late 2013 in South Florida, through the encouragement of my family friend (and my childhood babysitter) Darnelle Pusateri-Quinn.  I had a very misconstrued view on yoga.  I thought it was “easy” in comparison to the dance training I was receiving at the time.  After years of her asking me to come to her class, I relented… and I learned.  From that moment on I was hooked.  The physical, mental, and spiritual challenges were presented, and I was compelled to accept.  I dove headfirst into the practice by signing up for a 200hr teacher training at the renown 305 yoga studio(s).  Through these studies I was able to open up in all three major aspects of my life.  My body became capable of new amazing things, and my awareness of it became even more keen and detailed.  My mind became clearer and more able to deal with the challenges life presented.  My spirit was reignited where I had been previously feeling deficient.  My connection to others became more powerful and truthful.  I started peeling back the layers of my shell and opened myself up to the wonders of truth in existence.  I am a better person since finding the practice.

Why did you become a teacher?

Honestly, it started as a way to make extra cash to help support my performing arts career.  Through the guidance of Darnelle, I found the training at 305 yoga.  She saw that I really enjoyed the practice, that it was doing wonders for me personally, and that I wanted to investigate it further.  She also knew that I was an effective communicator and that I was planning on moving to LA, so for her it was a no brainer that I take the training before moving.  While in school, I found myself immediately coming home to my roommate or to my family and sharing the techniques I had learned.  I found them to be super valuable and I wanted my loved ones to share in this powerful, newfound knowledge.  I saw them enjoying my teachings and gaining peace from them.  That’s when my focus shifted from extra cash, to healing and sharing.  After I graduated I started teaching all around south florida, regardless of pay.  I moved to LA and would meet new friends and just offer to teach them a class in my front yard, just so I could share the practice.  Seeing the way that people are positively affected after taking class was/is so gratifying.  That is my reason for teaching.  The cash is just a bonus.

What do you love about Yoga?

Everything.  I love getting caught up in the dance of the movement, really filling in every in-between movement.  I love feeling my body literally growing and shrinking while practicing pranayama.  I love feeling of the heat, that I internally generate, radiate outside of myself. I love that said heat is dedicated to a specific intention, like a prayer.  I love falling in a difficult posture.  I love getting back up.  I love nailing said asana (eventually).  I love getting adjusted and discovering new parts of my musculature. I love the cooling feeling of getting on my back after a long standing sequence.  I love the quiet peace in svasana.  I love the electric light show that my minds eye provides me while diffusing energy in corpse pose.  I love the feeling of community that permeates the studio post-class. I love sharing these things with others.  I love yoga.

What are your other interests?

Performing: acting, singing, dancing, writing… typical LA stuff.  I was a full time performing artist in FL after graduating college in 2011 doing everything from stage musicals to infomercials to feature films.  I still have a deep passion for storytelling through performing art and I pursue it currently.  Besides that, I love to travel, explore nature, garden, go to the theatre, and spend time with loved ones.